The Waiting List

"Unless commitment is made,there are only promise and hopes; but no plans" - Peter F Drucker

The List is set to allow us to plan breedings, import schedules, and to pre plan training numbers for the next three years. In the world of technology that moves so fast and grows exponentially every year if not every day one thing remains the same: Canine. While we learn more and more about canines everyday they still only learn so fast, produce puppies in a quality manner so fast, and of course their health and quality care matters to us. We do not wish to produce more puppies than we can handle and we do not wish to become a puppy mill where the main source of revenue here comes from the producing of puppies. In order to run this operation at the highest caliber possible we need a plan and that's why we have a list. Thank you for understanding our desire to Responsible Breeder and Training facility.

How it works

  1. You will send us a completed application
  2. We will reach out in a timely manner to communicate any needs and extra desires you have of a Diabetic Alert Dog.
  3. We will then come to an agreed upon value of your future Diabetic Alert Dog.
  4. You will then be sent both the "waiting list" contract and the "diabetic alert dog" contract.
  5. Upon signing the "waiting list" you will place a 10% down payment to secure your place in line.
  6. When it is "your turn" you will receive a 30 day notification at which time you will choose which Payment Option to go with. In 1, 2, and 3 your 10% will be applied to your down payment at the start of training. If you choose Option 4 we will apply the 10% to your overall cost of the Diabetic Alert Dog.

If for some reason you are unable to accept "your turn" at time of 30 day notification you will be automatically skipped by 2 spots. However you will have to begin training within 30 months of original signing of "The Waiting List."

The 10% down payment is non refundable.