Utilizing Modern Gun Dog Training Techniques in Columbia & Waterloo, IL

Trust us to keep your companion's best interests in mind during training

Since our start, duck dogs have been a cynical part of CedarOak. After owner, Zach Kellerman, went through years of fixing his own dogs that he paid trainers to train for duck hunting in the backwaters of the Kaskaskia River, he ventured out to learn the right way.

Our skilled team uses a balanced gun dog training approach that blends positive reinforcement and corrective techniques to hone in your dog's skills. Learn more about our training methods by calling 618-719-6774 today.

No matter where you live, we can connect you with a well-trained hunting dog or help you teach basic obedience and retrieval techniques to your own dog. Our gun dog training programs include a:

  • 24-week training program - at this point, you can expect your dog to pick up doubles and retrieve prey on the land and in the water. Any gunman would be happy to have these well-suited dogs along for the hunt.
  • 32-week training program - from here, your dog will be introduced to blind retrieves and advanced marking concepts
We also offer Puppy Foundations training. Your pup will learn basic obedience, get introduced to our training philosophy and get a grasp on retrieving skills.

Planning to purchase a puppy from our dog trainer in Columbia & Waterloo, IL? Sign our gun dog agreement today to start Zoom training classes.

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