Five questions we often get asked about our Dogs ?

  1. Do I get to pick color or Sex? No, at COK we are equal opportunist color and sex are matters of opinion when it comes to dog training and one we do not entertain we select the best dog.

  2. Can I select the dog? No, we select the dog based off your individual needs.

  3. How do you select the right dog? At the end of the day we are looking for that dog who can overcome unknown obstacles that spook the dog a bit and that the dog can overcome the obstacle again without second thought. Yet a dog who is able to cap drive and maintain composure, happens to be where British Labs excel.

  4. Can we use our own Dog? Online University Coming Soon! You can train your own dog but there are too many variables for us to do it. We apologize in advance.

  5. How long does it take to train a dog once the puppy is born? CedarOak Kennels sells you a contract and leaves the Dog information blank until time of delivery this is because we fulfill a contract rather than train a specific dog. Even when we import a puppy specifically for you we still own that puppy until time of delivery so that if the need arises we replace the puppy to fulfill the contract as promised.

The British Labrador

The British Labrador also known as UK Labs, The Original Labrador, Irish Labs, Man's Best Friend, and in past tense known as "The Best Dog I have ever owned". Our Labs are 45 to 68 pounds and approximately 20-24 inches at the shoulder. They are a working dog tested in the field and brought to you for their superior sense of smell and well rounded temperament.


We can trace the Labrador back to the 1830's and have documentation of the importation of the original lines to the Harbour of Poole which is located in the English Channel.
Records show that these St. John's Water Dogs were coming from Newfoundland. These Water Dogs were more commonly called Retrievers, so it is important to note at this time any kind of note or pedigree was minimal. However, we can see where seven to ten gentlemen were consistently importing these dogs, most notably being The Duke of Hamilton and The Duke of Buccleuch. The Later of which is the Founder of The Buccleuch line. We could bore you with Labrador history for hours but we know you're thinking, "WOW that's really neat but why do I care?" You care because fortunately Men before our times and a few Women cared enough about their dogs to document and breed for purpose. In the 1940's as you know Hilter turned Western Europe upside down and caused much turmoil and many lines of the origin breed were lost. However, some lines stayed and that line was from Earl of The Home. We can trace Balleyvalley Faith straight back to this line by 23 Generations. We can also trace Astraglen Harper straight back, both of whom have been the Matriarchs of what we are today.

Field to Service

Labradors are Retrievers but how they rely on their instincts to get to their target item may vary. Back to our history they were being imported for retrieving purposes but it was the game finding ability of the lost game that caused the breed to flourish. While hunts in the UK are still held they are less than popular today. Which has led to the modern field trials. Unlike an American Kennel Club Retriever Field Trial which is held in large fields where marks(thrown dummies) may reach distances of three hundred to six hundred yards. The Kennel Club of England Field Trials have stayed true to the original hunts where the marks are closer seventy-five to two hundred yards but the terrain is much more difficult. The fields are much like the foothills of the Aplachains and the grasses and crops look like a standing SoyBean field in September. Its important to note the terrain because even the superior eyesight is hindered by elevation difference and

thickness of vegetation causing the British Labrador to rely more readily on their scents of nose. Where their brothers and sisters in America have learned to rely more heavily on eyesight. In AKC field trials, obedience prior to being sent for the mark is lacking in comparison to the trials across the pond. In the UK an Open Trial, a Dog is expected to heel off leash while twelve other dog/handlers walk in a straight line left to right. Where oftentimes any dog at any time can be called to retrieve a bird directly running past a fellow competitor. These UK trials test traits and temperament that happen to select for the best Medical Alert Dogs as well, by judging sense of smell, biddability, and drive.

CedarOak Puppy or To Import

The truth is both are imported in a sense. Our personal dogs are directly imported from either Northern Ireland or England and when we import a new puppy for a client they are imported from Northern Ireland or England. We have a long standing relationship with the Gentleman responsible for the majority of First Generations British Labs being imported to the States and are very fortunate for their generosity to work with CedarOak oftentimes selling us their personal pups they are holding back for trials. The biggest difference is your puppy is ready TODAY to begin training. CedarOak is not a puppy mill though we do have a large demand for pups and will add litters as this business grows. We will always have to supplement our breeding program with partners.