Medical Alert Dogs

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ARK" - Howard Ruff

Medical Alert Dogs are Service Dogs trained to help prevent Medical Emergencies from arising.

We train Medical Alert Dogs for the following:

Type 1 Diabetes - Our Dogs are trained for Hypo/Hyper glycemic changes.

Hyperinsulinism - Like Diabetic Alert Dogs we train for the same Hypoglycemic change.

Seizures - From Epilepsy to Traumatic Brain Injuries we can help.

Allergy Detection - Severe Allergies causing respiratory anaphylaxis, we can help.

Not Listed? Please Feel Free to Contact Us We will Help or put you in touch with someone who can!

How do I know I need a Medical Alert Dog?

If you have asked this question it is probably time we have a chat. While we are not doctors nor miracle workers we are here to help you. It doesn't hurt to inquire with us after all this isn't a used car lot. We look forward to providing you and your loved ones with a Trained Service Dog.

Please view the DAD FAQ page as many of those questions will overlap. If you have any further questions please Contact Us

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