Medical Alert Dog - FAQ's

I already have a CGM. Do I still need a DAD?

Simply put, YES! Not only does technology fail it also has delays. We do not claim to be better than technology merely we compliment said technology. Paired together its the ultimate package to early intervention of High and dangerous low's

What breed of dog?

We use a subcategory of Labrador Retrievers known as British or UK Labs. Not only do British labs have a ton of drive being bred for field work but they are coined a gentleman's dog as they have a major off switch. More specifically due to the style of field trials in the UK vs USA these amazing Labradors are bred with emphasis on keen noses.

Do you train for anything else besides Type 1 Diabetes?

We have and can! We have trained dogs for type 2, hyperinsulinism, symptoms of deleted chromosomes. If we can time a symptom and your body creates a chemical change which becomes expressed through a scent change, our dogs can help! Example would be Cardiac Alert Dogs.

How Long Does Training of a Medical Alert Dog take?

Though training is truly never finished from time of birth to agreed upon skills learned is a minimum of 14 months and can take as long as 26 months.

Am I able to visit my M.A.D during training?

Absolutely, we actually encourage it! We do ask for a heads up and per contract we require 48 hour notice. As a small family business the more time to prepare for your arrival the better!

I see you're located in the Saint Louis, MO area? That's too far from me?

Well lucky for you we deliver to continental US and can go out of that region if necessary.

What other cost are involved with purchasing a Service Dog?

With our delivery option we bring everything with us but the kitchen sink, dog food, and a Veterinarian. We suggest you feed Inukshuk 30/25 which can be autoshipped through

I'm ready to commit now what?

Simply fill out the form below and our Onboarding specialist will be with you as soon as possible, often within 24 hours. Please be expecting a phone call, email, and text so that we can help you.

I am not ready to commit but want to be added to a pre-waiting list?

Wonderful, enter your email address and we will send you a pre-waiting list application. There is slight fee to hold a spot for 36 months.