Hyperinsulin Alert Dogs

Now what we do is Train Dogs who are in the business of making Children's lives and all Americans' lives operate as optimal as possible. We have found through applied work that we can treat Hyperinsulinism Alert just like we do our Diabetic Alert Dogs. The scent picture is captured the same way, the intervention is done the same, and we are proud to say the dogs make a difference.

How do I learn more?

Please take the time to navigate our website and instagram page. Ignore the words type 1 and diabetes and simply in your mind's eye replace it with Hyperinsulinism because CedarOak Kennels approaches each client as a specific scent picture. All of our content, application process, contracts, etc... will apply the same in your case.

What is it?

From our understanding it's an overproduction of insulin which will cause hypoglycemia. Let's stop there, we are NOT Doctors of any kind moreless MD specialists in the study of Endocrinology. As we sure you already know there is limited information on Hyperinsulinism. If you found this page in any research or fact finding mission of H.I. and not Hyperinsulin Alert this is not the place please see the only two Hyperinsulin facilities in the country to our knowledge.That being Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Cooks Children's Childrens Hopistial located in Texas. We would also like you to consider following Congenital Hyperinsulinism International


We thank you for trusting us and hope to train more Hyperinsulin Alert Dogs in the future. In the meantime please keep an eye on Astralglen Warhorse, call name Thor as he serves a little girl with Hyperinsulinism. You can see mom's review below.

Zach and Thor have been an absolute Godsend. Thor was trained as a diabetic alert dog for our infant with Hyperinsulinism. Zach was so incredible to work with. He really catered Thor's training around Emilia's needs and our needs as a big, active family. When Thor was delivered, Zach made sure I felt confident and capable to handle Thor before leaving. Communication has been excellent and Zach has continued to be an incredible resource whenever a question arises. I highly recommend Zach and Cedar Oak Kennals. Thor has been and absolute blessing to Emilia and given us so much piece of mind.