Find the Diabetic Service Dog of Your Dreams

Mange your Type 1 Diabetes with a CedarOak alert dog in the home.

At CedarOak Kennels, we want to give back to the world with our skillset in training dogs to perfection in obedience. "With great power, comes great responsibility" and we want you to feel confident your loved one is in great care with their diabetic service dog. Our dogs are all trained to alert humans when their blood sugar gets too high or too low.

Your diabetic service dog (D.A.D) will be your child's best friend and protector. To have one of our trained service animals shipped to you, contact our crew today.

We can even deliver your dog safely throughout the United States.

Learn about our training options

Whether you want a new pup or a fully trained dog, we have a companion for you. We offer various diabetic alert dog training options including:

  • Started diabetic alert dog - these puppies have 9 months of training and still need more, but you can customize their obedience training and socialize them yourself. This is an ideal option for adults.

  • Fully trained diabetic alert dog - these pups are fully trained for 18 months, environmentally socialized and trained in basic obedience. Due to these qualities, they're ideal for young or inexperienced owners.
For more information about any of our diabetic alert dog training options, call 618-719-6774 now.