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What is a Service Dog?

- ADA Definition - Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

- CedarOak Kennels definition - Service Animals are dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities that are articulable while maintaining handler focus under distress of any distraction or obstacle.

These dogs and their handlers have public access rights under three major laws: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), The Fair Housing Act, and The Air Carrier Access Act.

What is a Diabetic Alert Dog?

A Service Animal tasked to perform intervention in case of a hypo or hyperglycemic change.

What is a Diabetic Buddy?

A pet dog trained to alert to glycemic change without the capability of going into public.

How does a DAD detect lows and highs?

We collect scent directly from you to create a scent picture that will allow for your DAD to make an immediate impact on your life. We have even been known to beat CGM's, important to note we encourage the use of any and all medical devices that make life easier for any persons of disability and we will send you an email on "how to collect scent" after signing a contract agreement.

How much does a Trained Diabetic Alert Dog cost?

The Elephant in the room, cost can vary depending on hours needed to train your service dog and the custom package of your choosing. However, we know you would like some hard numbers. We encourage anyone seriously interested to inquire with our free application for a custom quote. With numbers varying from $15,500 to $32,000 we understand it can be quite a burden of already having medical expenses. Therefore we offer financing with guaranteed rates. For example with a down payment of $3100 monthly payment will be $338.85 a month for an entry level DAD.

Financing and Payment

We offer financing with our partner sweetpay as well work with clients on individual payment plans. Clients have in the past financed through a third party vendor via sweetpay, chose our 48 month installment program with a guaranteed financing with sweetpay. The other option is to avoid the interest rates and pay in full or 6 payments with the first due at time of contract signing and the final payment being made at time of delivery of your Medical Alert Dog. We ask that prior to filling out our financing application that you apply for a Service Dog with us first at the bottom of this page.

Do I qualify for a Diabetic Alert Dog

We do not require a prescription or note from a MD for type 1's. However, do ask that type 2's consult with your doctor first and provide us with a note.

Honeymoon phase?

We ask that you reach out to us as soon as possible and get the conversation going. We look to your doctors for guidance on your honeymoon. Ideally we are ready to begin scent training as you're coming out of the honeymoon phase. For those who have had t1d for what seems like a lifetime you're good to go.

What comes with my Diabetic Alert Dog

Once we step into the delivery level we include everything but the kitchen sink, the vet, and the diabetic. From our partners we bring you Gunner Kennels, a bag of Inukshuk dog food, bowls, leashes, service dog vest, basic grooming supplies, and more!!!

Why CedarOak Kennels

Besides having amazingly well bred dogs and excellent customer service skills; we have our integrity and that's why you will go with us. There are so many moving parts in this entire process: proper collection of scent, proper selection of the right puppy, proper training, proper transition, and proper instruction to the new handler. Even though we typically get it correct on the first try, sometimes we don't and while it sucks for all parties we embrace it, we prepare for it, and set the expectation from right now as you read this. Something will go wrong and when it does go wrong you pick up the phone dial 618-719-6774 and you will speak directly to a trainer who will either walk you through the process or be ready to bring the service dog back at anytime for maintenance training for free.

If you haven't yet please be sure to check out our "about us" page as well as our "training philosophy" page.

How long from time of purchase until delivery date?

Depending on litters and availability we will tell you what litter we hope to select your puppy from and expect your delivery date to be 18 months from birthdate of your puppy.

Do I have to participate in training or visit COK?

We encourage everyone to plan a visit if time and resources permit however is not necessary. Per our contract you are allowed to visit with 48 hour notice given we are not delivering another DAD

Allergic to Dogs

We will train hypoallergenic breeds with the presentation of a doctors note stating that you are allergic to dogs but are not affected by said breed. We reserve the right to select the breeder and puppy. There is an additional cost for the purchase of the puppy.

Age Minimum

Absolutely NOT! To our knowledge we have successfully trained and place a Trained Medical Alert Dog with the youngest person in American history. At time of delivery Emila had just turned 18 months old. She is often seen with her Service Dog “Thor” on our instagram page @diabeticalertdogs_of_cok

How soon will I hear back if my application was accepted?

We are a small family business and do our best to get to your application within 48 hours. If you have not heard from us within 96 hours please feel free to resubmit or email us at with “checking on application” as the subject.

My question was not listed

Please feel free to send us a question via email at with subject “DAD FAQ” THIS IS NOT AN Application for purchase and you may apply for a service dog below. Questions will be answered in order in which they were received.

Can I take my D.A.D. dog to work or school?

This is decided on a case-by-case basis. It's best to get clarity from administrators or management.

What breed of dogs do you train to become Medical-Alert Service Dogs?

We train British Labradors. We import, breed, and train British Labradors because they are bred for temperament, workability, drive, biddability, and have a natural off-switch, making them the ideal service dog.