Welcome To CedarOak University

Currently being filmed but we are so excited to reach you early. We look to launch Phase 1 by Christmas of 2022.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

We are going to take you from day Zero all the way to having your Medical Alert Dog working in Public. You'll learn to teach what our clients already appreciate like the complement of a shocked waitress who didn't realize there was a service dog under the table the entire time.

Seven questions you may have about this program.


I have a dog already. Would it be possible to train my dog?

Yes, any dog is capable of learning but do understand not every dog can handle the social pressures of public access work.


Is this a subscription?

No, Dogs never stop learning and we will always need to revisit things. One Time purchase!


How long until my dog is ready for the public?

Every dog learns at a different rate, we encourage you to take this step by step and will teach you when you're ready to move on.


How much will this program cost?

$1200 with payment plan options available. Again, once you buy the program you have lifetime access and we will continue to evolve and add content.


Should I purchase a puppy or dog now?? Absolutely NOT!

Please if you don't own a pup now, wait! It will be worth it! Even when this program launches, we ask you to purchase CedarOak University first so we can educate you on breeds, litters, and


Do I have to live in the USA?

No, but we are not familiar with your countries laws so please research Service Dog laws before purchasing. We already have students signed up in The UK, Canada, and Mexico


Can we purchase a puppy from CedarOak Kennels?

Yes, we will have 10 week and 16 week old puppies on limited availability as well will always be able to import puppies from the UK for your consideration


Do we have to purchase a puppy from CedarOak?

No, of course not! We will recommend breeders upon request.


Will we be able to get support from CedarOak University?

Yes, we will have live zoom calls twice a week for an hour.


Is this program right for me?

We ask that you can set aside three seven minute sessions a day to purposely train your dog. That's seven minutes in the morning, seven minutes after work, and seven minutes before bed. If you answered yes and stay at pace with the program you are capable of training your own Service Dog.