British Labradors FAQ

1. What is a British Labrador?
a. British Labs are the original Labrador bred from
the St. John's Water Dog and bred to be a beaters
retriever. These dogs specialized in working
heavy cover in search of lost game.

2. Is a British lab from CedarOak right for me?
a. British labs are coined as the sportsman companion from
adventure hikes in the summer to busy balance of being in
the duck blind in the morning to the office in the afternoon
these UK labs have the right temperament and drive to
switch from task to task and be well mannered while doing

3. How do i get started?
a. You can contact us here and we will help you in selecting the
correct litter based off of your lifestyle, hobbies, and if you hunt
where and how hard.

4.. Is a puppy right for me?
a. Twofold, much like children no one is every ready for a
puppy. however , we do ask that you have 20 minutes of
constructive interaction with your puppy and that you can
prioritize this time for your new puppy.

5.. These are purpose bred hunting dogs. Does my Labrador
have to hunt?

a. Absolutely NOT however you should plan a way to entertain
your new British lab. They need structure, reason, and
interaction. Many ways to do this and we would be glad to
suggest some ideas.

6. Pick up day?
Answer. We require all puppies to be picked up
from our location and provide a 3 day meet and greet/ seminars.
All of our puppies go home on the Sunday of week 8. We
provide a 3 day seminar for all who wish to attend.
Friday- Meet and Greet
Meet the puppies and parents.
Saturday- AM puppy retriever work
Break for lunch
Big dog work
Afternoon puppy obedience
Evening Dinner
Sunday - Morning Crate training and house breaking
Pick your puppy and safe travels.

7. Okay we have a plan, spend time with CedarOak but
the what if the plan fails?

A. Good, all plans fail but we planned for that. We
offer free zoom classes from 8-20 weeks of age
twice a week. One being instructional and one
being question night.

8. Additional Training?
a. CedarOak offers obedience, gundog, diabetic
alert, medical alert, and ptsd dog training. We
offer a lower training rate to all of our
breeding's. Would be glad to help you decide
if you need additional training. We can also
provide further zoom classes.