“Training Medical Alert Dogs to make a difference so others may live a life of difference”

Why do we do this? The truth is we love America unapologetically. It is our belief that America is the greatest country in the world and in order to keep her that way we as Americans must operate at our full capacity. We originally were training pet dogs and gundogs. While it was great, we didn’t feel we made an impact for our country. Then we ran across a client who needed a diabetic alert dog for her daughter as she was on assignment and couldn’t help as much as she wanted but also was stressed to the next level with worry and guilt. We realized yes diabetes affects so many people and the ripple effect of diabetes directly impacts the efforts of every American. As we have grown we see the effects of having a Medical Alert Dog in the home and how it allows the household to contribute to our great country at a more efficient level.

Where did it start? After a few years of training dogs Zach was looking for more and considering what direction to head. Sitting at breakfast with his wife Nicole at a Cracker Barrel in Collinsville IL a older male was being laughed at and mocked for what everyone was assuming that he was drunk and possibly homeless. The young couple sat in disgust as several waitresses and patrons mocked the man for what seemed like hours. The man then asked a waitress for an orange juice and she said sir you split your last orange juice you need some water. He picked the water up and split the majority as patrons began to laugh. Another waitress, likely a manager, came forward and asked the man to leave. As the assumed manager went to get his bill it dawned on Zach “Nicole he is diabetic!!” Hurriedly Zach stood and grabbed the gentleman from behind to hold him in his chair and he began to nearly seize. Nicole ordered the waitress to get another orange juice and to call 911 while dumping sugar packets into her own water and attempted to have him drink. We left when the ambulance arrived and as we climbed in our then jeep I promised Nicole we would never allow that to happen to anyone again. To fall victim to a faceless disability. Had the man been missing a limb, worn a veterans hat, or perhaps came in a wheelchair he would have been catered to differently we hope but because Diabetes is more of a ghost no one knew that he needed help. REAL HELP! I don’t know who the man was or what ultimately happened to him but I do know he left an everlasting impact on our lives and hopefully will impact yours.

Diabetic Alert Dogs, is it enough to just train enough dogs to pay our bills and have a quiet life? Honestly, some days it would be nice but it's not the right thing to do. Therefore Zach has taken on DC fighting for rights of Service Dogs and Diabetic Alert Dogs alike. From picking on USDOT for their umbrella approach with flight of service dogs. Some airlines will allow pets to fly including birds in the cabin but will not allow Trained Professionals to fly with a Service Dog being delivered to their owner in the cabin. Where other airlines like Alaska Air thank you for your services and have even at times wave cost. Likewise we understand the weight of the cost and though our dogs are expensive depending on your financial situation Zach is actively working with Congress to have medicaid/ medicare pay for Service Dogs. It is not enough to just train a few dogs and then reap the rewards we are fighting and going above and beyond for you daily. Hopefully your children or grandchildren will reap that reward.

Why is CedarOak Kennels not a non-profit? We feel as we grow as a company we will be able to move laterally and have more influence as a for profit business. It also allows for us to over pay employees and not rely on volunteers and fundraising. While there is nothing wrong with non-profits unfortunately we feel often they are not held accountable as a small business would be. Feel free to ask when you speak with us directly on the phone. We are not ashamed to discuss money, ambitions, goals, and the direction of this company but in order to help as many people in the world as we can we have to turn a profit eventually.

Right by Dogs, this is a hot topic of ohhh breeders are bad people and making a profit from animals. Listen if it offends you that we breed dogs to make the world a better place just go to the top left of your screen and leave now. WE DO NOT NEED THAT NEGATIVITY. Now if you’re still here then you understand the only way to ensure quality health, longevity of life, proper drive, and temperament needed for this line of work is selective breeding. Let's join forces for your sake. Not every dog will make it as a Service Dog but does that mean they fail? Maybe sometimes but that failure ends up a free rehome ideally to someone local to us who needs a pet so that we can offer any help they may need. We also can give certain dogs a career change and find them a home as a single detection dog, a therapy dog, or even a working retriever. Dogs don’t always fail because of lack of drive, often it's the opposite and the dog has to much drive or maybe the dog lacks the nerves to sit in a classroom. Whatever the case we are committed to finding all of our puppies and adult dogs quality homes where we can keep tabs.

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