CedarOak offers Diabetic Alert Dogs located in the heart of America and serving coast to coast with free delivery in St. Louis, MO & Chicago, IL

Located in the heart of America and serving coast to coast with free delivery in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL & Nashville, TN

Our dogs can learn how to do so much more than just sit, stay and roll over. Service dogs can help make your life easier and monitor your health problems. All you need to do is sign up for a training program at CedarOak Kennels. We would love to work with you and provide you a trained diabetic alert dog for your family.

Want to train a Diabetic Alert Dog for your child? Our staff has the necessary expertise and equipment to provide top-notch:

Don't wait - call 618-719-6774 now to schedule top-notch medical dog training services located in the heart of America and serving coast to coast with free delivery in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL & Nashville, TN.

Our Business

We strive to make you and your best friend a top priority, from our flexible hours to our affordable rates.

CedarOak Kennels started as many small family businesses do, in our garage as a way to help pay the propane bill. In necessity, a love developed for not only training diabetic alert dogs outside of the field but more importantly a passion of Coaching others passionate about having a well-behaved service dog. CedarOak is often coined as a Gundog facility and though that is the roots that peaked Founder Zach Kellerman's interest WE ARE a diabetic Dog Training Facility where all disciplines of training are accepted and taught.

What we do:

  • Balanced Training - Gone are the days that we hover over our dogs and submit the dog into doing what we wish. Here at CedarOak, we use a balance between reward and corrections to obtain the goals we have set for each individual medical alert dog.
  • Coaching - Training the dog is not enough if you the owner do not have a grasp on the three t's and how to maintain the training we are not only wasting your money but also confusing the dog. We Coach because it is right by the dog to do so!
  • All Things Dogs - We can tailor a training program specific to your needs. We are here to create a tailored training program to meet your demands and expectations.
We look forward to working with you and providing you a trained service dog for your family.

Zach and Thor have been an absolute Godsend. Thor was trained as a diabetic alert dog for our infant with Hyperinsulinism. Zach was so incredible to work with. He really catered Thor's training around Emilia's needs and our needs as a big, active family. When Thor was delivered, Zach made sure I felt confident and capable to handle Thor before leaving. Communication has been excellent and Zach has continued to be an incredible resource whenever a question arises. I highly recommend Zach and Cedar Oak Kennals. Thor has been and absolute blessing to Emilia and given us so much piece of mind.


CedarOak Kennels is the most reliable and professional kennel/dog trainer that I know of. They make sure to put your dog first before everything and they make sure the facility is clean for the wellness of the dogs. I have a diabetic alert dog now because of CedarOak Kennels! I trust this dog with my life and it is all because CedarOak Kennels focuses on properly training the dogs!

Alex B.

I reached out looking for a DAD for my 12 year old son. From my first conversation with Zack I was impressed. He is polite, extremely knowledgeable and always got right back to me. We were looking for a DAD for my son and did not want to wait 12-18 months. Zack was able to get my son his amazing dog in 4 months time. He kept us updated every step of the way with phone calls, videos and photos. Zack drove over 10 hours to deliver Ruby and stayed 2 days to train us. Ruby, my son's dog, has exceeded our expectations in every possible way. Zack is still available anytime if we have questions or need help with training. Getting Ruby has been life changing for our son and the bond they is amazing. We are all grateful to Zack and Cedar Oak Kennels for this amazing experience and dog.

Kimberly H.

After researching dog trainers in our area, we sent our 7-month old mini golden doodle, Bentley, to CedarOaks and Zack for the 2-week puppy foundations course. We then attended the follow-up 8 hours of training for owners. Zack worked with us prior to the training so we understood what training Bentley would receive and Zack would understand our expectations.
We were very pleased with the results and highly recommend doing the follow-up training consisting of 8 1-hour sessions with Zack. Zack gave us the confidence and skills to continue Bentley's training.
Zack took very good care of Bentley during the training and you can tell that Zack really bonds with each and every dog he trains. Even after completing Bentley's training, Zack is always willing to take a call and answer any questions we have.

James W.